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Welcome to PROSPRA

by Keith Taylor

Welcome to PROSPRA.

I’ve published this website to help you arrange routine activities and small project tasks more efficiently.


The best way to see how PROSPRA has developed is to look through the old WP PROSPRA blog articles here. Also look at PROSPRA.com in The Wayback Machine.


Currently, I am moving PROSPRA.com from WordPress to the Eleventy Jamstack platform. I refer to this process as WordPress transmigration. Because I want to differentiate it from WordPress migration. As that normally refers to moving a WordPress installation from one server to another.

PROSPRA Intentions

I intend to continue growing PROSPRA by providing many more examples. Then use those examples to clarify PROSPRA principles and guidelines.

One of my first projects will be a new website that will explain how to transmigrate a WordPress website. But prior to that I will create a template that can be used for new websites based on what I have learned so far about Jamstack sites.

My first priority now is to complete switching from my WordPress server. Then I the will continue transmigration with new and revised content using Jamstack.


Arranging Your Activities

At the time of writing, PROSPRA content is limited to old WordPress blog articles, linked above. But now I’ve completed the main phase of transmigration, I will focus on bringing you new articles to help you arrange your activities more efficiently. So my best advice is to keep returning each week. Then you will have more information about how this website works. More importantly, I will bring you new practical examples that you can adapt to start your own PROSPRA projects.

If you are familiar with RSS, this website does have a live feed that you can follow now. But I will explain that more as I complete the ‘About PROSPRA’ pages.

Finally, I hope you will comment on, and start your own, PROSPRA Issues. Because that’s the best way to encourage me to put your concerns at the top of my ToDo List.

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