Planning a Complex Problem Solving Service

PROSPRA provides a framework for complex problem solving. It is most used for one-off projects, but is also adaptable for repeating problems. PROSPRA has 4 pre-production planning steps, then 3 action steps. This article focuses on planning my complex problem solving service.

Repeating problems apply to many of my websites. Visitors need help, and solutions are often too complex for a simple to-do list. I need to provide visitors with a simple framework whereby they can create their own PROSPRA project(s) to solve their specific complex problem. So, what must I do to provide such a service? Here’s a short PROSPRA project to find a solution.

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Maintain PROSPRA in a Spreadsheet

This follows Starting PROSPRA in a Spreadsheet. Take a look at it to understand why I use spreadsheets for many PROSPRA projects. More importantly, see the important principles for starting a PROSPRA spreadsheet.

If you cannot see how PROSPRA will help, please let me know. I realize that it is too simple for complex projects with many inter-related tasks. For other projects, I’d love to help you manage your tasks more efficiently.

It’s best to learn by doing, so here is how to maintain PROSPRA projects in a spreadsheet.

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Starting PROSPRA in a Spreadsheet

Spreadsheets are a great tool for task management.

I use them on a daily basis to manage tasks for several projects. My job is creating websites, but the principles apply to any job. The purpose is clear – organize a list of tasks, ensuring they are completed when required, and maintain a history so completed tasks can be reviewed if necessary.

Spreadsheets are also a great tool for explaining the principles of PROSPRA.

Today, I am going to start a small series about PROSPRA principles in spreadsheets. I will explain how to get started here. In the next installment, I will explain the important steps involved in simple project management. I will conclude with some ideas for combining multiple projects in a single management spreadsheet.

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