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PROSPRA Projects Progress Nov 2015

I’ve tried various tools to help organize and manage PROSPRA Projects.

My current objective is to develop general templates for managing projects that can be adapted specifically for individual needs. Therefore, flexibility is key. It is a foundation of PROSPRA, that the 7 steps can be customized to match the context of specific projects. For example, Rewards might be called restrictions, expectations, or some other measurable outcome. Steps might be combined, especially in repetitive projects.

Also, individual task tracking needs to be flexible. Spreadsheets are great for many management tasks. But the most important part of task management in a PROSPRA project is to make it easy for users to track their progress.

The WordPress tools that I’ve tried so far have restricted the freedom of PROSPRA projects. I’ve tried Cleverness To-Do List and Project Panorama Lite. Both are useful, but I want tools that I can adapt to PROSPRA projects. I don’t want tools that have to compromise the flexibility of PROSPRA in order to manage projects on a daily basis.

I started 3 projects here. The main project is to develop PROSPRA methods. The other two are both related to website reorganization. I’ve now adapted PROSPRA methods for managing website projects on my web businesses support website.

PROSPRA Projects Progress image
Are your projects progressing as you wish?

Therefore, I’m moving this website forward with a new strategy. I’ll use Shrewdies Web Business Projects forum to plan my own website management projects. You can start a PROSPRA project if you wish – just ask in the forum. At the same time, I’ll use feedback from those projects to build various website management PROSPRA project templates. Once I’ve moved this website to it’s new platform, I’ll continue to explain PROSPRA principles, and generate a wider range of templates.

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