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Planning a Complex Problem Solving Service

PROSPRA provides a framework for complex problem solving. It is most used for one-off projects, but is also adaptable for repeating problems. PROSPRA has 4 pre-production planning steps, then 3 action steps. This article focuses on planning my complex problem solving service.

Repeating problems apply to many of my websites. Visitors need help, and solutions are often too complex for a simple to-do list. I need to provide visitors with a simple framework whereby they can create their own PROSPRA project(s) to solve their specific complex problem. So, what must I do to provide such a service? Here’s a short PROSPRA project to find a solution.

Complex Problem Solving Service Purpose

As with all PROSPRA projects, I start with my best feel for the Purpose of this project, then refine it.

To provide an online complex problem solving service for my websites with a view to offering clients their own one-off or repeating problem solving service.
After Rewards:
I will provide a flexible online complex problem solving service for this website. I will administer the service using Pods for WordPress. I will ensure that front-facing PROSPRA stages are user-defined to allow me to implement problem solving installations in any environment.
After Strategies:
I will provide a flexible online complex problem solving service for this website. I will manage this project as a consultant, liaising with the technical team to ensure that the PROSPRA online solution is adaptable for all problem solving projects.

Complex Problem Solving Service Rewards

The Reward for this complex problem solving service will be a framework to add projects with 7 PROSPRA records, which control unlimited simple task records. PROSPRA records must be custom titles in order to match the environment of the projects.

As an acronym, PROSPRA is fixed, but as an idea, it is flexible. This step is a fine example where Rewards might need to be renamed for clarity in many environments. It could be a combination of many qualifiers for our main Purpose. I’ve introduced a restriction of custom titles on my Reward of an online problem solving service. In other environments, we could discuss feasibility in this step. I must recognize the flexibility of PROSPRA in my planned solution.

PROSPRA Complex Problem Solving image
Got a knotty problem? Untie with PROSPRA Complex Problem Solving.

Complex Problem Solving Service Objectives

I’m opting for a single Objective that seems my most obvious solution – adding a WordPress Pods installation to this website. A Pods package can be easily exported for other websites.

However, when I moved on to the Strategies step, it revealed that there might be alternative Objectives: in-depth research of Pods Data Architecture Planning, or my default setting of leap in and try it. I’ve decided to keep things simple on this website, and I want to get the job done quickly and easily. I can see that rushing ahead and implementing Pods without adequate data analysis might compromise the outcome. Therefore, my Objectives are a choice between:

  • Learn specific technical requirements myself, as part of the tasks planned in the Strategies Step
  • Or

  • Pass the technical project to Shrewdies, and focus on managing the application of PROSPRA for it’s widest audience

That shows the flexible nature of a PROSPRA project. At each step, we can refer back, refine, and quickly move on. If the process ever becomes too complex, that automatically allows us to break the problem into more than one project. In this instance, I am passing part of the project to a technical team, so I can maintain focus on the bigger problem here – providing the complex problem solving service.

Complex Problem Solving Service Strategies

  1. Liaise with the WordPress Pods team at Shrewdies to install and configure Pods on this website
  2. Create a PROSPRA project for this Complex Problem Solving Service
  3. Create a test client project on one of my own websites
  4. Develop a freemium model for marketing similar services to other websites

Complex Problem Solving Service Production

I will link to the Production step when I report on the start of this project.

Complex Problem Solving Service Reap

I will link to the Reap step when I start reaping rewards for this project.

Complex Problem Solving Service Appreciation

I will link to the Appreciation step when I have feedback for this project that I can use to improve it.

I will add the concluding parts to this article as I progress with implementing this complex problem solving service. If you have an immediate need for such a service, or if you need any help solving problems that are beyond a simple task list, please let me know. For now, I’m using a forum within Shrewdies, specifically for PROSPRA projects. If there is a large demand for projects that are unrelated to online business, I will create other forums.

Start solving your complex problems now – just ask in Shrewdies Planning Forum.

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