Improve WordPress Transmigration Transfer Routine

by Keith Taylor

WordPress Transmigration Transfer Routine Introduction

Yesterday, I completed the transfer of this website from WordPress to Cloudflare. So I need to complete that transmigration by integrating old content with new. More importantly, I need to streamline my transfer routine. Because I have many more WordPress sites to transmigrate.

As expected, my first attempt took too long. Because I was working in a completely new environment. But I failed to grasp the consequences of not having a clear content integration plan. Especially, an efficient workflow for maintaining content.

Now, my working ideas for integrating through the 11ta SIAB template might be the best choice for some people. However, I’m firmly grounded in HTML rather than Markdown. So for that and other reasons, I’m creating a new transfer routine here. Ultimately, I hope to offer a range of WordPress Transmigration Plans that suit all common start and end points.

As my first step in a new PROSPRA routine, I want to establish the Purpose. But first, I will explain why this has to be done in the context of the whole WordPress Transmigration project.

WordPress Transmigration Activities

Following my successful transmigration of this website, I need to make my routines more efficient. Now, I’ve hinted at a 5 minute routine as a nod to the oft-repeated WordPress installation phrase. But in reality, both routines depend on where you start and stop measuring. Because a 5 minute WP installation routine only creates a 2 page website with useless content. So a 5 minute transmigration routine can be equally useless, if you don’t have great content with good routines to improve that content.

Therefore, the most important parts of both installation and transmigration depend on how content is managed. Which means careful planning, efficient deployment, and relentless post-publish maintenance. All of which I explain on my main learning site. Because in this PROSPRA project, I focus on the mechanics of transmigrating good content from a slow, expensive WordPress platform to a fast, free Jamstack platform.

In that context good content means WordPress articles that are readable and unbroken. So posts, pages, and optional custom post types have to be scrutinized for quality. Because there’s no point in wasting any of our precious 5 minutes transferring low quality content.

Furthermore, we need plans for new content. And routines for regular review. Because there’s no point transmigrating an old WordPress website just to create a new woolly mammoth.

In summary, this routine starts with a zipped file of a WordPress website. Because preparation of that file is part of the planning routine. Which might take anything from an hour to a year or more. Then we stop when the website is deployed to Cloudflare Pages and the custom domain set.

WordPress Transmigration Transfer Routine Purpose

The purpose of this PROSPRA project is to arrange the activities for WordPress website transmigration to Cloudflare Pages. Specifically, the data transfer phase which should take around 5 minutes (I hope).

Why transfer WordPress to the Cloud?

Your WordPress Transmigration Transfer Routine

You can see that I have established the Purpose of this PROSPRA WordPress Transmigration Activities Efficiency project. Now, you can adapt my routine to start your own WordPress transmigration transfer routine. But be sure to consider the context of your own situation. Especially, ensure you’re happy with the data you plan to transfer. Also, be clear about how you will maintain your content after transfer.

In other words, don’t repeat my difficulties in editing old content on your new site.

In the next step, I’ll explain the routine’s Requirements.

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