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The purpose of this PROSPRA website is to explain the principles of my 7 step task management procedure by using practical examples. Then I invite you to apply the techniques to manage your projects. Either by yourself using this website as your guide. Or with help from me using my Q&A or mentoring services.

I use the term “Projectlet” to describe the small projects that are ideal for managing using PROSPRA. To explain, many PROSPRA projects start with a “How can I …” question. So these are rarely factual questions where a short answer will suffice. Because the solution that fits the question often depends on defining some unique facts about the specific situation.

So PROSPRA Projectlets are too complex for a To-Do List. But too simple for a Project Management approach.

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The purpose of is to teach you about my PROSPRA techniques for task management. So that you can organize tasks into logical sequences. Then complete those tasks in the most efficient way. Finally, you learn to review your tasks. So that you can exploit new opportunities or complete repeating tasks more efficiently.

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I intend to publish many examples of common one-off situations or repeating tasks that PROSPRA is useful for. So you can adapt these to create your own PROSPRA Projectlets.

Additionally, I’m here to help you complete your tasks efficiently and effectively. So you can ask questions about your choices at each step. Or you can ask me to guide you with structured help and support. Just use the Feedback Form near the end of each PROSPRA page. Or ask at my help desk.

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