What are PROSPRA.com Terms and Conditions?
Sink your keith into limitations and disclaimers.

PROSPRA.com Terms and Conditions

by Keith Taylor

PROSPRA.com Terms and Conditions Status

This is a first draft of Terms and Conditions that can be adapted for all my websites. The purpose of this page is to explain common website concerns about limitations and disclaimers. Then to explain how PROSPRA.com Terms and Conditions address these issues. Therefore, I will:

  1. Publish this as work in progress.
  2. Create a PROSPRA project for Terms and Conditions creation.
  3. Generate a working template and republish this page.
  4. Create a PROSPRA project for ongoing Terms and Conditions maintenance.

Introducing Terms and Conditions

I believe my terms and conditions must clarify that I am only expressing my opinions and sharing my experiences. So that means that you must seek professional guidance on how any information here affects you personally.

In keeping with the rest of these ‘Admin Pages’, I want you to be aware of general concerns about Website Terms and Conditions. Then I can explain how to ensure that PROSPRA.com meets your standards. So I’ll start with the general concerns dealt with in a 2020 case study[1].

Why are Website Disclaimers Important?

Downie explains that the primary concern is about website visitors relying on published information. Because that might lead to claims for compensation where acting on that information leads to losses.

Given the increasing number of websites that are relied upon by users this case is a serious cause for concern. [Anyone] responsible for a website that provides information that may be relied upon should check that it contains an appropriate and up-to-date disclaimer in relation to that information.

What else must Terms and Conditions address?

Downie continues by explaining related concerns:

  • Scope of licence to the user.
  • Restrictions on use of the website.
  • Use of user content.
  • Privacy policy.
  • Terms of sale.

PROSPRA.com Terms and Conditions

  1. Do not use information from PROSPRA.com to make decisions that affect you. Unless you get the agreement of an appropriate professional advisor.
  2. If you share any information from PROSPRA.com, you must include:
  • Link(s) to the source page(s).
  • A notice that copyright is held by Keith Taylor.
  • A notice that any future copies must include those link(s) and copyright notice.
PROSPRA.com Terms and Conditions

Your PROSPRA.com Terms and Conditions Concerns

You can see that my main concern is to ensure that I resolve all your concerns about terms and conditions. So I hope my PROSPRA.com Terms and Conditions satisfy your needs. But if not, you have to tell me what I need to change.

First, check if anyone else shares your concerns at PROSPRA.com Issues. Or start a new issue if your concerns are not already being discussed. Remember, you are responsible for complying with PROSPRA.com Terms and Conditions. So this is your opportunity to seek amendments if you need different terms.

Leave PROSPRA.com Terms and Conditions Page to read more about PROSPRA.com.

PROSPRA.com Terms and Conditions References

  1. DOWNIE, David. "Website terms and conditions: case study." BRIEF (2010).