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I encourage collaboration with development. So I'm trying to develop a better social network to achieve that. However, my priority is currently to establish routines for supporting you via GitHub Issues.

Contact via GitHub

GitHub is where I write these pages. So it's sensible to share your questions, experiences, and opinions alongside the source of

Please be aware that there is much more to GitHub than raising, discussing, and resolving issues. So don’t get distracted by all the other features. Just focus on commenting on existing PROSPRA issues. That way you will learn quickly, as you contribute your own ideas. Once you are comfortable with discussing issues, you can easily raise your own.

Contact via Social Networks

I'm changing platforms for social interaction. So I'm currently experimenting with various blockchain social applications. Because I want to move away from the commercial social platforms. Moving towards platforms where you own your own comments.

As I introduce blockchain social applications, I will link to discussions from relevant articles. In the meantime, you can contact me about PROSPRA methodology using:


Your Contact With

You can see that contacting is more than filling in a form. Because I want to read your stories and hopefully merge them with mine. That way, we evolve to provide a more relevant service for everyone.

I hope you’ll contact me by commenting on a Issue. Or start a new issue if your concerns are not already being discussed (spot the big green New Issue button on that issues page).

My final request is not strictly relevant to Activity Arranging. But it could help future discussions. Do you have experience of new blockchain social networks? Then please help me to decide between Steem, Hive, Minds, Ecency, Somee,, etc. Note that I’ve already discarded PublishOx as I find the constant popups make the site impossible to use for me. But I’d love to hear any positive views.

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