Did you bite off more tasks
than you can chew?
Sink your keith into better activities arranging!

PROSPRA Activities Arranger

by Keith Taylor

PROSPRA Activities Arranger

Welcome to PROSPRA Activities Arranger

Currently, this site is under construction. Because I’m transmigrating from WordPress to Jamstack.

But there’s plenty of content to help you arrange your activities. So I recommend you try one or all of the following…

I think now is a good time for you to bookmark that search PROSPRA link. Then you can keep asking questions and researching new PROSPRA topics.


The articles that have been helping you organize your activities are still here. So please keep reading them and tell me which ones you want me to prioritize for review.


Week by week, I will be adding new projects. Also, I'll review the old blog and gradually move the content to new articles. So please keep checking back to encourage my progress.

But what if you still have concerns after reading all that? Simply share your questions, experiences, and opinions on the PROSPRA Issues Page.